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Recipe Roundup- Bon Appétit Edition

Like every other foodie, I love Bon Appétit. They've got it all: mouthwatering recipes, colorful photos, and personable food editors. If you haven't watched their Youtube videos, what are you doing? You're missing out on some quality content. I finally subscribed to the magazine myself, so I could stop stealing back issues from my grandma (sorry, Mimi!) and realized that with the wide array of recipes they publish, the magazine deserved a Recipe Roundup all to itself.

For the Love of Cottage Cheese Salad

Recipe: @b_goutish

I love cottage cheese and this recipe puts it center stage, like the true star it is. It makes what could just be a boring salad into a creamy and filling dish. I also can't get over the vibrant colors in this dish! It's the perfect way to feature some gorgeous summer produce while it's still around. This recipe is incredibly easy to prepare with less than 10 ingredients, half of which are probably already in your fridge. It'll make the perfect lunch or dinner side dish.

Creamy Pasta with Crispy Mushrooms

I have a confession to make, I've already made this decadent, yet simple pasta dish.I just couldn't' resist this silky looking sauce any longer! The best thing about Bon Appétit is that they want their readers to make their recipes, so they don't make them overly complicated. I made this dish in less than 30 minutes, all it required was a little chopping and sautéing. The mushrooms weren't exactly crispy, but the heavy cream and parmesan definitely made up for this texture wise. I know this is a dish that I'm going to keep in my repertoire for those chilly winter nights.

Frozen Margarita Pie

This recipe is the perfect thing to make to celebrate the end of summer. It's like a more risqué version of a Key Lime Pie, as it includes a few tablespoons of tequila. You'll be able to take a shot (or two, I won't judge), while you make it to help you forget the fact that it's going to be only 40 degrees in less than three months. This is a fairly simple dessert to make with less than 10 ingredients and steps. The hardest part will be waiting to eat this pie while it chills overnight.

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