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Guacamole Guide

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Guacamole is a thing of beauty. Each restaurant has their own take on it, but no matter what it is always packed with flavor. I've rounded up some of my favorite places to get your guac on.

Round Corner Cantina's guacamole is the perfect combination of citrus and spice. Some guacamole is boring and nothing more than avocado mashed up with a little salt and lime. Round Corner Cantina is anything but. It is full of crunchy jalapeños that add a touch of heat, while the amount of lime balances it out. Round Corner Cantina also has the most gorgeous patio that's perfect for sipping margaritas and snacking on some chips and guacamole.

Condado Tacos is the newest addition to this list, having just opened two years ago. This hasn't affected their guacamole game at all. They offer 3 different types of guacamole regularly: traditional, pineapple, and tuscan, and one special option that changes every month. I decided to try their special street corn guacamole. I love street corn in every form and on top of guacamole was no exception. The sriracha mayo and jalapeño combined gave the guacamole its heat. The corn and peppers gave it a bit of crunch, which was a welcome difference from the normal creamy texture of guacamole. If you're looking to try more than just your typical guacamole, Condado Tacos is the place to go.

I'm a little biased, because my uncle owns the Franklin Inn, but they definitely have some of the best guacamole in Pittsburgh. They use the freshest produce they can get and the guacamole is fresh made daily. The guacamole is a little more on the chunky side, but that makes it all the easier to be scooped up by the warm, perfectly salted tortilla chips. The guacamole at the Franklin Inn does pack a little heat with the intense amount of garlic and jalapeños that they use, so make sure to have a fresh squeezed margarita to wash it down.

Despite their inventive tacos, (have you tried the octopus?) Täkō keeps their guacamole true to the original recipe. Why mess with a good thing? The jalapeños and cilantro create all of the flavor in the guacamole. It's perfect on your tacos with when you need something both creamy and spicy. This guacamole is best enjoyed if you can snag a table outside or at one of the stools facing the kitchen.

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