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Summer Sweets: Mango & Raspberry Popsicles

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The temperature has been rising in Pittsburgh lately and I decided I needed something to beat the heat. I've never made my own popsicles before, but I've heard they're ridiculously easy, so I decided to give them a try.

This recipe is incredibly simple and only requires 5 ingredients: mangoes, raspberries, lemon, honey, and water. You'll also need a blender and popsicles molds (which you can find at most stores like Sur La Table, Target, etc.).

The hardest part for me was cutting the mango. I've been told there's easier ways and I even googled it, but I ended up just peeling the skin and cutting it in odd shapes. In the end, I figured it didn't matter how it was cut, because it was going in the blender anyway.

I needed a bit more liquid than the recipe called for with both the mango and raspberry layers, because I didn't want it to be too thick. Perfecting the thickness of your fruit purée is the only tricky part about making popsicles. After that it was smooth sailing.

I created the fun pattern by pouring the mixture in and then freezing each consecutive layer for 10 minutes. While the lines of the layers weren't perfect, the popsicles still looked bright and bold.

After freezing overnight, I finally got to give one of these tasty treats a try and let me tell you: they were worth the wait. The raspberry section was a bit tart and the seeds gave a nice satisfying crunch. The mango section was a bit sweeter and so deliciously fruity that I wish I had made a second layer of it.

Overall, the mango and raspberry popsicles were bursting with fruity flavor and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. They were delightfully refreshing on a hot summer day. The best part was that they required minimal effort.

The only thing that could have made these popsicles better? If I were enjoying them poolside.


Mango and Raspberry Popsicles


For the mango layer:

2 medium sized mangoes, diced

2 tbsp. lemon juice

2 tbsp. water (add more if needed)

For the raspberry layer:

12 oz raspberries

1 tbsp. honey

2 tbsp water (add more if needed)


1. In a blender combine the mangos and lemon juice. Blend and slowly add in a tablespoon of water at a time through the top of the blender. Adjust amount of liquid for consistency and taste. You want the consistency to be that of a thick but pourable smoothie.

2. In the same blender, combine the raspberries and honey. Repeat the same process with the slow pouring of the water until you reach a desirable consistency.

3. In your popsicle molds, pour your alternating layers of fruit purées. To make them tidy, freeze each layer for 10 minutes before adding the next one. When the last layer is poured, freeze for 8 hours.

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