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Airy and Appetizing: DiAnoia's Eatery

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

DiAnoia's Eatery opened a little over 7 months ago and since then it has awed restaurant goers with its bright interior and authentic Italian food. Located in the Strip District, Pittsburgh's foodie capital, it's no wonder DiAnoia's Eatery is thriving.

I wrote about wanting to try DiAnoia's Eatery back in February and now I've been twice, because the food is just that tasty. Both times I've been blown away by the copious amounts of gooey cheese they have in their dishes, as well as their incredibly al dente pasta. The fact that their space is also incredibly Instagram worthy is just a bonus.

The interior of DiAnoia's Eatery was one of my favorite things about the restaurant. When you first enter the restaurant, you're met with high ceilings and a bright and a cozy bar with people enjoying a nice glass of wine (or in the morning- a cappuccino). The dining room has two garage doors that they open in the summer to allow soft breezes to float through the dining room while people chatter over their meals. They also have chandeliers made out of multicolor bottles and glasses that add a touch of Old World charm to the space.

The atmosphere at DiAnoia's was incredibly laid back and welcoming. You can tell that everyone was simply there to enjoy an incredible meal with their family and friends. The restaurant was alive with animated conversations and laughter all night long.

A must-order at DiAnoia's is their fresh bread. It's basically pizza dough topped with olive oil and fresh parmesan, but somehow it's addictive. The bread was chewy and the oil and parmesan give it a nice savory flavor. Trust me, you'll be ordering seconds before your meal arrives.

Every time I see burrata on the menu, I'm drawn to it. When I cut into this piece of cheese, it oozed out and the cream from the cheese mixed with the acidic balsamic vinegar and light extra virgin olive oil to create a luscious mixture. The thinly sliced radishes and leafy arugula added a crunch that contrasted with the creamy cheese. The best part of the dish was the juicy figs, which added sweetness to the dish.

I decided to try something new this time around at DiAnoia's and order the tasty tripoline. The pasta itself was long and curly and clung to the sweet and juicy, roasted tomatoes. It helped keep the flavor locked in. The burro, which is Italian butter, made this pasta dish rich and creamy, while the basil added a nice freshness. Topped with parmesan, this dish was heavenly and I couldn't help but eat every bite.

DiAnoia's Eatery transports you straight to Italy with their colorful china, friendly waitstaff, and airy atmosphere. The fact that the food is incredible and bursting with flavor doesn't hurt either. It's the perfect place to enjoy a delightful, summer meal. When the breeze blows in through the open garage doors, you'll feel like you're in Florence in no time.

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