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Brunch in NYC

I recently went to New York City with my mom both to finally see Hamilton on Broadway and to celebrate Mother's Day in style. I obviously had to sample what the NYC food scene had to offer while I was there and it did not disappoint.

Everything we ate in New York was absolutely mouth-watering, from the refreshing and savory tea sandwiches at The Plaza's Palm Court to the creamy cheeses at Casellula to the warm apple galette at The House to the cheesy gougères at The Modern. However, the real standout in New York was brunch. Both of the brunches we had at ABC Cocina and Beaubourg were outstanding. They both had gorgeous atmospheres, killer presentation, and most importantly, delectable dishes.

ABC Cocina

ABC Cocina is a Jean-Georges restaurant, so I knew from the minute that I walked in that everything I was about to eat was going to be spectacular. ABC Cocina mixes the freshness and creativity of its sister restaurant, ABC Kitchen, with already flavorful Mexican cuisine.

ABC Cocina was impeccably decorated. They mix both rustic and chic vibes in their space with brick walls, chandeliers and low lighting. The overall atmosphere is upscale and hip, exactly what I'd expect from a Jean-Georges restaurant.

As we were at a Mexican restaurant, my mom and I knew we had to start with the spring pea guacamole. I was a bit wary, as I thought they had mixed spring peas into the guacamole. Thankfully when the guacamole arrived, the spring peas were merely a topping , along with nutty seeds and fresh sprouts. The crisp texture of these toppings contrasted nicely will the smooth guacamole. The guacamole itself was spicy with bits of jalapeño mixed throughout. It was also heavy on the lime, which made my tastebuds dance. The more citrus, the better.

The crispy tortilla that sat in the guacamole, as well as the corn chips were perfectly salted and offered the perfect amount of crunch.

I opted for the chicken soup as my entrée and it was the perfect thing to warm me up on a rainy day. There were snap peas, carrots, jicama, and celery floating in the savory broth that all offered a nice crunch. The vegetables also offered a nice freshness to contrast with the savory broth. The shredded chicken was also delightfully juicy. ABC Cocina served their chicken soup with a lime on the side to add a little bit of citrus to this otherwise traditional dish. All of the flavors in this dish worked together to create a light, yet filling meal.

I enjoyed a sweet and refreshing mango iced tea with my meal and it was the perfect thing to quench my thirst.

We finished off our meal with some sweet churros. These lightly fried bundles of goodness were dusted in cinnamon and sugar. The churros were both light and chewy. The chocolate that ABC Cocina served on the side was rich and perfectly contrasted the buttery churros.

Beaubourg at Le District

Beaubourg resides in the middle of Le District, a market offering a wide array of French products. French cuisine is a favorite of mine, so I knew I had to try this restaurant while I was in New York City.

My mom and I were lucky enough to snag a seat on Beaubourg's inviting patio, which offered a panoramic view of the Hudson River. With string lights, comfy couches, and bright blue chairs, Beaubourg's patio oozed charm. It was absolutely picturesque with the sun shining and people chatting.

Whenever we're at any restaurant that offers a cheeseboard, my mom and I always have to order one. Beaubourg was no exception. Beaubourg's selection of cheeses is small with only about six to choose from, but the ones we selected were absolutely luscious.

Our cheeseboard included the Brie Truffle, the Beaufort, and the Delice de Poitou and each had their own distinct flavor and texture. The Brie Truffle was somewhat pungent, but also was deliciously smooth. It was paired with pickled enoki mushrooms to complement it's strong and savory flavor. The Beaufort was a hard cheese, but easy to cut, as well as light and buttery. It was paired with candied pecans, which enhanced its sweet flavors. The Delice de Poitou was my favorite, which was a creamy goat cheese with a mild flavor. It was paired with a fruity fig jam to complement the cheese's smoothness.

The cheeses and their accompaniments were all perfectly paired. Not to mention, the presentation of the cheeseboard was impeccable. We quickly devoured the entire thing.

I decided on the Brioche Pain Perdu for my entrée, which is French for French toast. I usually don't like French toast at restaurants as it's overly sweet, but Beaubourg's had just the right amount of sugar and vanilla. They used thick and chewy brioche that nicely soaked up the egg mixture, which resulted in a deliciously light and airy piece of French toast.

Beaubourg kept their toppings simple with maple syrup and fresh fruit. They served the maple syrup on the side, so I could choose how much or little I wanted. Every last bite of this decadent dish was like biting into a sweet, fluffy cloud.

I also opted for a classic, fresh-squeezed orange juice to accompany my French toast and it was delightfully refreshing.

I can't wait to get back to New York soon, so I can see what the rest of their brunch scene has to offer.

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