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Heaven at Marché Jean-Talon

While I was visiting Montréal this past summer, I stopped by Marché Jean-Talon, which is the cutest outdoor market I've ever seen. It's filled with hundreds of stalls that sell everything from flaky pastries to homemade soaps to fresh oysters. It wasn't just a place to shop either, they also had vendors selling ready-made food like steaming soups and sweet crèpes. This place was absolute heaven for a foodie.

Look at these incredibly plump tomatoes! They made me wish that my hotel room had a kitchen, so I could buy them and whip up a flavorful pasta sauce or creamy burrata salad with balsamic.

I couldn't believe these succulent strawberries! Thankfully I convinced my parents to buy some and they were just as sweet and juicy as they looked. We enjoyed them with a cheese tray complemented by honey and nuts. They paired perfectly with everything and we had juice dribbling down our chins.

The flowers at Marché Jean-Talon were simply stunning and smelled incredible, as if I were in a field surrounded by them. I wanted to buy a bouquet, but I don't think they would've survived the flight home.

Peppers, garlic, aubergines, zucchinis, oh my! These gorgeous veggies made me drool by just looking at them. I'm sure they would have made the perfect ratatouille. I was in French Canada after all.

I was astounded by these ruby red radishes. We bought a few bunches and ate them raw with a little butter and salt. They were delightfully crisp with a slight bite.

These lemons and the vivid colors in this scene made me feel like I was in the tropics and not northern Canada. These bright beauties had me dreaming of citron pressé at a cafe on the Champs-Élysées.

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